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Our Purpose

We are a startup "On a mission to make healthy eating possible for everyone".

We strongly believe "Healthy and Nutritious food" - is everyone's right. And we will do what ever it takes to make it possible.

Over the last many years we are fed up with a market full of false health claims, fake promises, unknown synthetic ingredients, and junky products. Thats enough. Time has come, to challenge the status quo and bring in change.

And, here we are. Our journey just began..

Our Story

Love for Granola bars and Omega-3 Trail mixes from the US Back in 2016 we used to get bundles and bundles of Granola bars and Omega-3 trail mixes from the US. Those turned out to be very convenient and healthy way to snack on-the-go during a busy schedule.

Obsession turned Disappointment
It soon became an obsession and we started searching for similar products in India. But we ended up finding a market full of false claims, unknown ingredients and highly processed junk foods. We hardly have any options for REAL healthy, clean and wholesome products.
In our research we found out that we are not the only ones frustrated and disappointed. We strongly felt Healthy and Nutritious food is everyone's right. So we decided to challenge the status quo and change it for good.

First Product Development
Started working on our first product - After about 12-15 trials in our kitchen, we arrived at a recipe of an all natural energy bar made with healthy superfood ingredients - Nuts, Seeds and Dry fruits. A complete Natural, Clean and Wholesome Energy Bars, with No added sugars, No Syrups, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavours. It's a remarkable healthy product and a template of its kind.
Instantly we fell in love with the product and started our company in 2018.
We started our entrepreneurial journey - "On a mission to make healthy eating possible for everyone.."

We are working towards building a portfolio of healthy snacks without compromising on the Goodness and Deliciousness. ​
“On a mission to make healthy eating possible for everyone..
One bite at a time!”
Founder & CEO

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