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A much needed healthy snack during monsoon

January 15
A much needed healthy snack during monsoon


An ideal rainy day would be spent at home with a cup of adrakwali chai, devour a good book, watching your favorite shows, etc.

We all love to curl up in a cozy corner of our home while it’s drizzling or pouring. The silver lining in the grey clouds is that it gives you an excuse to indulge!


Adrakwali chai, Pakode, Bhajiyaa (fritters made of vegetables)- All these are two minutes on your lips but forever on your hips as they are dunked oops deep fried in oil. You need something nutritious and filling and healthy!


The flipside is that the rainy season brings in a lot of humidity which takes a toll on our digestive system making it sluggish.

· Avoid juices, roadside golas, ice candies, kulfis, lassi, and buttermilk as water is contaminated in this season.

· Water-borne diseases caused due to impurities in water are on the rise. Mosquitoes breed in contaminated water. Water logging is common in many societies, complexes, play areas-we have to be careful while wading through water.

· Avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables especially which are available outside. At home cover the food to prevent mosquitoes and flies to sit on them, consume quickly all raw stuff.

One should eat fresh home cooked food, less spicy which is easy on the digestive tract. Hot soups should be consumed, especially during bouts of ‘fever & flue’. Nuts or dry snacks are always a safe option.


It is pouring cats and dogs you are struck in that perennial traffic jam. You did not get time to grab food even during lunch break, and suddenly you feel the hunger pangs coming on in big waves. You have a long way to reach home; you will have to cook dinner too and here you are sitting twiddling your thumbs in the traffic congestion. Water logging leads to traffic jams prolonging your travel time.


You are bound to feel hangry(hungry + angry) and you need something to fuel you and BarADay Superfood Energy Bars are a great way to curb those hunger pangs. In these dire times it is best to have a BarADay superfood energy bar. They are easy to carry with you anywhere and everywhere- save some BarADay superfood energy bar for that rainy day!


Our BarADay superfood energy bars are a combination of nuts like almonds, walnuts, and oats sweetened with natural honey and dates. The goodness of chia, flax and pumpkin seeds adds to the nutritional value.

They give you a quick boost of energy, filling you up and keep you spirited. Keep the sun shining with BarADay energy bars!

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Eating Smart - A way to Heathy Heart
Eating Smart - A way to Heathy Heart

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